Rivaldo has revealed that he has received offers from three different Premmier League clubs.

According to his associate Jorge Gama, the Brazilian will consider the offers over the course of the next few days.

“He will arrive in Brazil on Thursday, when he will look at all the offers,’ Gama told the BBC.

“We have three offers from English Premiership teams who are interested in Rivaldo.

“At the moment, they are the only three offers that will be put in front of him.”

Gama said: “I know there has been speculation in the English papers linking Rivaldo with Liverpool, but all I can tell you is that they are not one of the clubs whose offer will be put before him.”

“I don’t know whether he will accept them, but they are the only ones who are showing interest in him at the moment.”

Rivaldo has been linked with a move to Chelsea – one of the few clubs in a position to match match his wage demands.

“His contract with Milan made him the highest paid player in the world,’ continued Gama.

“He had an offer to play in Qatar for $1m a month, but he turned that down.

“It’s not a question of money with him, he wants to play in the right team.”

Rivaldo joined Milan after Brazil’s World Cup success lasst year, but he has been unable to make an impact at the San Siro and the club confirmed earlier this week, that they would be releasing him from his contract.