Speaking on the eve of the new Spanish season, Roberto Carlos has claimed that Barcelona playmaker Ronaldinho would prefer to be playing for Real Madrid.

Ronaldinho is set to sign a new deal with Barca this week that the Catalans hope will keep him at Camp Nou for life. But according to Roberto Carlos, his compatriot would like to be playing for Real.

“If you ask Ronaldinho if he would like to play at Real Madrid like us he would say yes, although to the press he says something else,” Roberto Carlos told Marca.

“The mentality and grandeur that this club (Real Madrid)┬áhas is different to the rest.”

In a statement which sounded like an attempt rile Real’s closest rivals, the Brazilian also suggested that Barcelona were not strong enough to win the Champions League.

“We’ll see if Barca are capable of winning the Champions League which is the most important trophy,” he continued.

“Real Madrid have won a lot of league titles but also nine European Cups.

“We must win the Champions League again this season as it is the most important trophy, the World Cup for clubs.

“The coach has said to win all three competitions, but I prefer to take it a game at a time.”