Bruno Conti has played down reports that the club are contemplating offloading key players during the transfer window.

The former Roma coach, who is now responsible for dealing with players’ contracts, says that he will intervene personally in the ongoing saga of Antonio Cassano contract negotiations.

“Soon we will find a solution to this one,” he claimed.

“It is a problem that I will tackle personally, I will try to find answers from him and then we will see if we can reach a meeting point.

“I cannot say any more. But I will promise that this club will do everything in order to find a solution.”

Conti also clarified the situation with regard to Alessandro Mancini and Cristian Chivu – both of whom have been linked with moves away from Roma.

“With Chivu we have cleared everything up and as far as Mancini goes I want to make this clear to all – he will remain here. Those two will not be allowed to leave,” Conti added.