Ronaldinho has stated that he would be happy to sign a ten-year contract at Barcelona, if the club asked him to.

“These days, everyone knows that it is difficult for a player to stay for seven years or so at one club,” he explained.

“But if I could renew my contract for another ten years, then I would right now.

“Barcelona needed a player like me and I needed Barcelona. We are completely right for each other and together, we are very strong.

“I have become much better being here and in one and a half years, I have been nominated for the Balon D’Or.

“I fell in love with Barcelona from day one, but I have not yet made history here.

“I will make history when I have won things. I do not want to be remembered only for making the fans happy, but also for winning trophies.

“I remember after we beat Real Madrid in the Bernabeu last year there was a huge reception for us at the airport when we returned and I thought, if it’s like this for beating them, imagine what happens when you actually win a trophy.”