Espanyol’s Sergio Sanchez has accused David Beckham of hitting him after Real Madrid’s defeat against the Catalans on Sunday night.

The defender, who was a substitue on the night, came into contact with Beckham while the England skipper prepared to take a corner.

The pair exchanged words after Beckham claimed he had been put off by his opponent.

Sanchez claims Beckham waited for him in the tunnel and verbally abused him before slapping him.

Sanchez told Punto Radio: “The game was at a very tense point and I was stretching on the touchlines and happened to cough as he was about to take the corner.

“He took it badly and, after that, began to insult me.

“On returning to the dressing rooms (after the game) he seemed to be waiting for me.

“He began to insult me again and then slapped me.

“I still can’t understand why he did it, it must have been a result of the tension.”