Argentinian striker Javier Saviola has said he is happy with life at Sevilla, suggesting it is reminiscent of playing for his country.

Saviola failed to make an impact at Barcelona but is experiencing a new lease of life in Seville.

“I am happy for being in Sevilla and I feel much more comfortable because it is more like Argentina than Barcelona,” he stated. 

“I have noticed that the team has many chances for scoring so what is left to do is make the ball go in. Our defence is very solid and the rest is all fine.”

Saviola also said he was susprised by the early results in La Liga, which have seen the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona struggle to assert their usual dominance.

“It’s a weird season because the giants haven’t started very well and the leaders lost at home,” he observed. 

“That’s why this league is so competitive, you know when you don’t start well that it will be very difficult to recover.”