The clubs “resolved unanimously that no further disciplinary action is required.”

Scudamore, a signatory on behalf of the Premier League to English Football’s Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination Action¬†Plan,¬†sent messages which referred to women in derogatory terms, contained sexual innuendos and jokes about “female irrationality”.

The 54-year-old apologised, but there were calls for him to resign. Even UK prime Minister David Cameron admitted earlier today that were Scudamore a member of his team, he would not expect survive in his job.

A hearing of the Premier League audit and remuneration committee thought otherwise, though, and backed Scudamore.

In a statement to the media, the Chairman of the Premier League said that the Clubs had accepted the Chief Executive’s “sincere” apology and “accepted his undertaking to take active steps to prevent a recurrence.”

“In these circumstances and in the light of a previously unblemished record over 15 years of service to the Premier League, the Clubs resolved unanimously that no further disciplinary action is required or justified.”

It is unclear what ‘active steps’ Scudamore intends to take to prevent a recurrence. Send daily memos reminding himself not to send sexist emails?