Security in Turin is being increased for Liverpool’s return Champions League leg against Juventus.

Up to 1000 police officers will be on duty at the Stadio Delle Alpi and on the streets of Turin, with fears escalating that violence might break out in the wake of trouble at Tuesday’s Milan quarter-final which forced the game to be abandoned.

Giuseppe Petronzi, head of Italian counter terrorism, admitted police were ready for “the highest level” of risk.

“We have reason for concern, but I am confident we can manage the situation,” he told BBC Radio Five Live.

Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry has already urged his fans to be on their best behaviour.

“We are asking all our supporters who travel to Italy to behave with the same respect and responsibility they showed in Liverpool,” he said.

“Every fan in Turin should remember they are an ambassador for the club.”

And Petronzi acknowledged that threats of retaliation had been circulating on the internet.

“We have paid a lot of attention to what they have written and now we must see if they want to do what they have written,” he said.

“I have good reason to expect that this situation will not happen and if it does, we have the proper tools to avoid a dangerous situation for Liverpool fans or for Italian supporters.”

Liverpool may have 3,000 fans in Turin and they have been warned not to buy tickets for Juve sections of the stadium.