Sevilla have conformed that they have turned down bids from l ArsenalÊand Internazionale for their highly-rated winger Jose Antonio Reyes.

The 20-year-old is regarded as one of the hottest properties in European football, but despite the interest, Sevilla have no intention to sell.

“Arsenal made an offer for him of £10.5million which would increase to £21 million depending on appearances, but that was turned down,” said player’s representative Jesus Rodriguez.

“More than 20 teams in Europe have been following him and coming to games.

“I think that the president was happy to sell him before but now he is waiting to see what happens, there are a lot of teams interested in him and the president is not in any hurry.

“The president has also told me that Inter Milan have made an offer of €42m which he has also turned down. Rodriguez feels Arsenal may be priced out of a move for the Spanish international as Sevilla will sell to the highest offer.

“Seville are expecting to sell Reyes and believe that he will leave but they will wait because in the next two years he will become an even bigger player,” added Rodriguez.

“Arsenal have been the only team to make a bid from England but I think the only team in England that can afford him is Chelsea and possibly Manchester United.

“Inter Milan, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Monaco have all spoken to the club as well as Arsenal.

“I think Arsenal want to exploit the Spanish market as Cesc was a good buy for them and so they are continuing to look at the players available.”