The Spanish Football Federation is to investigate allegations made by Racing Santander striker Mario Regueiro that an attempt was made to bribe him before a Primera Liga game against Celta Vigo.

The Uruguayan alleges that he was offered money to ensure that his team lost a recent league game against relegation-threatened Celta.

Atletico Madrid goalkeeper German Burgos subsequently confirmed that he had phoned Regueiro and proposed jokingly that Regueiro throw the game, but denies he was being serious.

The game, ended in a 4-4 draw and featured four penalties and two sendings off including that of Regueiro.

“We will have to judge whether it was all a joke as Burgos claims,” committee president Alfredo Florez said.

“If it was a joke we will have to evaluate the impact that such jokes can have. If, on the other hand, there was an attempt to bribe then it will be a very serious matter indeed.”