Tottenham have written to the Premier League to ask if they can replay Sunday’s controversial game against West Ham.

Ten Tottenham players went down with food poisoning on the morning of the game and they went on to lose it 2-1.

That result, combined with Arsenal’s 4-2 victory over Wigan on the same day, meant that Spurs finished fifth in the league and therefore missed out on the coveted Champions League spots.

Chairman Daniel Levy wrote the letter to Premier League chairman Dave Richards on Tuesday.

“Our match at West Ham was effectively a cup final,” said Spurs chairman Daniel Levy in an open letter to Premier League chairman Dave Richards.

“Our chances were significantly reduced by the exceptional circumstances.”

“In being given no viable option to postpone the match other than a two-hour delay to kick-off, our players were denied the possible opportunity of competing in the Champions League.

“Also, our fans have been left with a sense of suspicion and injustice at the way subsequent events unfolded.

“We played the game with players who were unwell but who were desperate not to let their fans and colleagues down.

“Clearly, our governing body put us in an impossible situation and gave a significant advantage to Arsenal in competing for that fourth position.”

A Premier League spokesman said: “Tottenham fulfilled their fixture and as far as the Premier League is concerned the result stands.

“However, the Premier League board will convene and discuss the contents of Tottenham’s letter.”

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