Professional clubs worldwide will have to meet a minimum criteria in stadium safety, the treatment of fans and youth football development if they wish to be admitted to certaincompetitions, Fifa said on Thursday.

They will also have to agree to be more open about their owners and allow independent auditing of their finances.

Fifa┬ásaid it would create a global club licensing framework by the end of next year to set “minimum standards” which would rhen be enforced by individual confederations.

“Clubs then need to meet these principles to be eligible for certain competitions, adhering to international statutes, investing in training facilities and agreeing to the independent auditing of finances and greater transparency of ownership,” said Fifa.

“Stronger clubs mean a stronger foundation for global football,” added Fifa’s head of development Thierry Regenass. “Club licensing is… a crucial part of raising professional standards.”

The new system would require clubs to have a youth development programme, “safe, comfortable” stadiums and qualified coaches and medical staff, FIFA said.