Johan Cruyff has told Louis van Gaal to stop moaning about the hectic holiday season programme in the Premier League as it was his decision to work in England.

Writing in his weekly column in De Telegraaf, Cruyff said the Manchester United manager had to come to terms with the fact that there was no winter break.

“If you choose [a job in] England, then you choose for their successful system, which is based on the proposition that the stadiums open as soon as the fans are available to watch, which is the holiday period,” Cruyff said.

“Playing football between Christmas and New Year is a war of attrition and thus in favour of physically stronger teams.”

Van Gaal complained last month that an over-crowded schedule jeopardised player welfare and provided poor entertainment for the paying spectators.

“Everybody knows the body cannot recover within 48 hours,” he said.

“Therefore there is a rule within UEFA and FIFA that you cannot play the games within two days. The scientists have proven it, everybody knows it and, in spite of that, we have to play.

“It is the culture of England. I don’t mind, but it’s not good for the players, for the health of the players, and it’s not good for the game,” said Van Gaal, who suffered further injury woes in the FA Cup tie win over Yeovil on Sunday.

Rafael da Silva was taken off with a suspected fractured cheekbone and Luje Shaw injured his ankle.

However, Cruyff claims that any attempt by Van Gaal to try to change the system was futile in a country where the hectic festive period is one of the season’s traditions.

“It has been working [well] since time immemorial and in 100 years it will still be so,” Cruyff added.

“Complaining makes no sense if everyone else around you is happy. Moreover, everybody is well paid for working over the holiday period.”

This is not the first time the pair have clashed. In fact, the two men have frequently fallen out, most recently when Cruyff blocked the appointment of Van Gaal as Technical Director of Ajax.