Switzerland midfielder Johann Lonfat claimed Turkish police were involved in the violent that followed their World Cup playoff victory over Turkey.

“After the match, the players rushed into the tunnel to the changing rooms,” Lonfat told L’Equipe.

“There some Swiss players were beaten by Turkish players and by police who were supposed to provide security.

Switzerland defender Stephane Grichting needed hospital treatment after being attacked in the tunnel.

“Grichting received some blows,” Lonfat added. “He was covered in blood. He went to hospital, shocked. (Johann) Vogel and (Benjamin) Huggel were hit as well. We were attacked. It was unbelievable.

“And I’m not talking about the pressure we sustained during the stay. We expected an electric atmosphere, an overheated atmosphere, but not that. This went beyond the limits of intimidation.

“I was told: ‘We’re going to slit your throat.'”

Turkey won the match 4-2 but the lost the game on away goals after going down 2-0 in the first leg.

“Stephane Grichting has rejoined the team. Everything is not okay, he has had to have a catheter put in and he will need seven to 10 days (to recover),” Swiss team spokesman Pierre Benoit said on Thursday.

Of Huggel, who was seen kicking Turkey’s assistant coach Mehmet Ozdilek as he left the pitch, Benoit said: “We haven’t seen the pictures yet, so we’re not making any statement.

“In principle, however, we believe Huggel was defending himself after he and Tranquillo Barnetta came under attack.”

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