Thailand’s prime minister remained confident that Liverpool had agreed in principle to sell a 30-percent stake to Thailand despite differences over the deal.

“In general, the broad principles have been agreed upon, only the differences over the MOU (memorandum of understanding), such as the number and role of Thai executives on the board of directors, need further discussion,” Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra told reporters.

“These are just differences on minor points,” he added.

“If these differences can be worked out then everything is finished.”

Thailand’s The Nation newspaper, reported that Thai negotiators were demanding two seats on the board, but the club had offered only one seat.

Thaksin admitted that Thailand may have to wait longer for Liverpool’s decision before it can go ahead with a planned lottery floatintended to raise the money for the deal.

“We have to wait for a clear answer from Liverpool whether they will sell us the shares or not. Otherwise it will be confused, because the public needs to know which team they will be buying,” he said.