Thailand’s billionaire Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is interested in buying Liverpool, the Thai national team coach has confirmed.

“He is considering Liverpool. The prime minister thinks the team is the most desirable of all,” coach Thawatchai Sajakul told AFP.

“It is time to shop around,” added the coach, who as an member of parliament in Thaksin’s Thai Rak Thai party.

“It’s as if you definitely decide to buy shoes and now it’s time to decide what brand you like.”

“It’s under negotiation, but there is nothing confirmed yet,” he said.

“But the idea is, (Thaksin) will buy a team in the English Premier League” by June of this year.

“Nothing is sure, we might be interested in Arsenal next month,” he added.

Thaksin held talks with Fulham owner Mohammed al-Fayed about buying the London club.

Al-Fayed quickly denied the club was for sale.

Meanwhile, Thaksin refused to confirm his interest in buying Liverpool.

“The press thinks I am interested in Liverpool because I watch their matches,” he told reporters.

“I will not say whether I will buy (Liverpool) or not,” he added.

“We may not have to buy, we may cooperate with them by setting up a football academy instead.”