Two former France greats, Laurent Blanc and Jean Tigana, appear to be the principal candidates to succeed Jacques Santini as national coach.

Ex-Fulham boss Tigana has the backing of Michel Platini, his former team-mate and now vice-president of the French Football Federation (FFF), but FFF president has not ruled out the possibility of emplying Blanc.

“He could be a good coach. I tell myself that such a candidacy shouldn’t be rejected,” said Simonet.

Tigana has managerial experience at Monaco and Fulham and he was also assistant to Platini at the Euro 92 championships in Sweden.

Blanc, in contrast has no coaching experience, but such an appoinment would not be unprecedented in France. Platini himself coached the national team as his first management role before moving into an administration role.

Simonet said: “What Michel Platini could do, it seems to me that Laurent Blanc, whose qualities are equally enormous, could maybe also try.

“We can’t discard a dossier like his when you see the success that Didier Deschamps has had with Monaco.”

The third man who has been linked with the France job is former Senegal coach Bruno Metsu, currently in charge of the United Arab Emirates.