Juventus and Torino tweet up a storm

Following Juventus’win in the Turin derby on Sunday, both they and Torino have been dissatisfied with the others’ reaction to the game.

The Bianconeri took the points courtesy of a controversial Paul Pogba goal, but argue that Torino striker should have been sent off, rather than booked, for a foul on Carlos Tevez.

The Argentinian striker tweeted a photograph of his ankle after Immobile’s tackle with the caption.

“We always win with help, so that’ll be why someone who nearly breaks my ankle only gets a yellow card…”

After the game, Torino’s official website published a statement rebuffing Antonio Conte’s post-match comments about ball possession which seems to have stoked the feud between the two clubs.

“At the end of the derby Antonio Conte declared, responding to those who asked about the goal on which Carlos Tevez was clearly offside, said ‘Juve held the ball and attacked for 70 minutes. Therefore it’s normal there are going to be more incidents to discuss.’

“One has to ask what Conte’s using to count possession, considering that the statistics on the Lega Calcio website show Juventus had 52 per cent possession against 48 per cent for Toro. Therefore Juventus’ superiority was therefore not particularly overpowering.

With the Granata’s statement calling Conte’s mathematical ability into question, Juventus’ official Twitter feed responded by admitting;

“In fact, we’re not very good at Mathematics. We finish at zero, like the number of shots Torino had.”

This garnered an immediate response from Toro’s feed.

“Don’t put yourselves down”, it read. “You managed to count to 31 (Oops, 29).”

Juventus lay claim to 31 Scudetti, even unveiling a large number 31 on the pitch after last season’s triumph. The league have stripped the club of two of those titles as a result of their role in the Calciopoli scandal, however, making the official figure 29.