Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho reacted to his side’s second Premiership title win by revealing he had thought about quitting Stamford Bridge this season.

Chelsea’s 3-0 defeat of Manchester United ensured they retained their title, but Mourinho said: “I have not enjoyed it so much this season.

“A couple of times, I thought about closing the door and saying goodbye.

“But don’t interpret this as a doubt for next season. I enjoy Chelsea very, very much and I’ll be here next term.”

Mourinho admitted that his relationship with the media has been a source of frustration

He added: “Why don’t I go to press conferences? Because I have no pleasure to go.

“Maybe I have to be a different person in this country. Maybe this country – football-wise – is not adapted to my mentality and I will have to change.

“I have no complaints with the people, with Chelsea, or with other clubs. But I think I should be more happy and I’m not enjoying 100%.

“I think that Chelsea deserve a bit more respect. When we get that, I think that everyone at the club will enjoy it a bit more.

“I am staying at Chelsea because I believe I can enjoy it more next season. I would be stupid to say I don’t want to stay or that I’m not enjoying it and so I have to leave.

Reflecting on this season’s title success, Mourinho noted that this was his fourth consecutive triumph.

“It is a fantastic feeling, unbelievable.

“This is my second in England and my fourth consecutive title if you include Porto. One day we’ll lose but, for now, we are the best team in the country.”

“We are now 12 points clear and I think that says it all.

“We are the best team in the country and we really deserve this moment.”

“I think next season we will improve. We will step up again, just like we did this season.

“When we do that, I hope that we can all enjoy it.”