Arsenal defender Ashley Cole has signed a new three-year contract with Arsenal just weeks after condemning the club for “betraying” him following the Premier League inquiry into his secret “tapping-up” meeting with Chelsea.

Cole’s new deal will run until 2008 and replacing the existing contract which had two years to run. His weekly wage will increase from £27,000 to £70,000.

Cole was fined £100,000 earlier this summer for breaching Premier League following the revelation that he met Chelsea officials in a London hotel to discuss a potential move to Chelsea.

The furore over the “tapping-up” scandal ended any hopes Cole had of moving to Chelsea, but it was also thought unlikely that he could stay at Arsenal. Cole accused Arsenal of betraying him and trying to force him out of the club.

But today, he said: “I am now looking forward to another successful season. We are all determined to regain the Premiership.

“I can’t wait for the season to start now.”