UEFA officials have conformed that they are awaiting a report into Besiktas’ Champions League clash against Chelsea which was interrupted by crowd trouble.

THe second half of last night’s Group G game, staged at the neutral venue of Gelsenkirchen in Germany, was delayed for around six minutes after fans hurled mmissiles and toilet rolls onto the pitch.

The result sent Chelsea through as group winners and condemned Beskitas to a place in the UEFA Cup.

“We are waiting for the referee and delegates’ report, it should come in today,’ A UEFA spokesman told Reuters.

“We will then decide whether we need to instigate disciplinary proceedings.”

Any decision will not be taken until February when UEFA”s disciplinary panel meets.

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard, said: “It was lucky that nobody was hurt. We had bundles of coins coming at us, even in the warm-up.

“I am sure UEFA have got legislation to deal with this and it is about time they did something about it.”