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UEFA are proposing a life ban for anyone found guilty of accepting an illegal payment from a transfer.

Director of communications William Gaillard believes ‘bungs’ are not only wiespread in British football, but across Europe.

“At UEFA we suspect bungs are being paid, not only in England, but everywhere else,” stated Gaillard.

“The situation of agents is not transparent. It is obvious the power they have must translate itself into some transactions that are less than legal from a sporting point of view.

“But under the current rules as they are set up by the European Union, there is really nothing we can do to make sure transfers are clean, that ownership of clubs and players is transparent.

“This is why we are asking for a lot more financial transparency.’

Asked about a likely punishment for such activity, Gaillard replied: “People who behave in an unsporting fashion should be excluded from the game.

“They have no place in the game, forever. I believe this is what most fans would like to see. They shouldn’t be in the game any more.”

Fulham manager Chris Coleman was in agreement with Gaillard.

“The game is being tarred at the moment by the stigma of bungs, which are very difficult to prove,” he told BBC Radio 5’s Sportsweek programme.

“We all get paid enough anyway without having to take a bung, so if it can be proved someone has taken one then I agree they should be kicked out forever and that’s that.

“If you’re banned for two years then it’s a rap on the knuckles. I feel if you’ve done it once then you’ll do it again, so I totally agree with UEFA.

“If you are found to be doing illegal things then that’s the end of it for me.”

Before each bet make sure you visit to compare odds between bookmakers.