UEFA president Lennart Johansson is hoping to end the uncertainty surrounding Liverpool’s participation in next season’s Champions League by canvassing the opinions of his Executive Committee over the course of the day.

Liverpool finished fifth in the Premiership and have not qualified for the competition but ass the holders of the competition, Johansson says they should be allowed to defend their title next season.

“I trust it will be a decision that will be accepted by all parties,” Johansson told BBC Radio 4.

“We have the ambition, on the one hand, to give Liverpool the opportunity to defend their title but, on the other hand, we need to make sure no-one suffers from such a decision.

“In my opinion, Liverpool should be in from the very beginning – they will have to go through all the competition,” he added.

“But I want people to know they are free to have their own opinion.

“We have a situation that was unforeseen. Consequently we have to make a decision about the future and then deal with Liverpool.

“But I think the champions – as in all other sports – should have the chance to defend their title.”

Uefa wants to resolve the issue before an executive committee meeting on June 17.

“They are to decide on Tuesday on which date and at what time they are going to have a telephone conference,” said Johansson.

“They will look at which alternatives are available. One decision is about what will happen in the future but the main decision is what will happen to Liverpool.”

Everton claimed the final Champions League qualification spot by finishing fourth in the Premiership.

Johansson’s view is backed by Uefa director of communications William Gaillard.

“The idea of putting Liverpool straight into the group stages is one of the more remote possibilities,” he told The Times.

“To admit Liverpool in the first place, we would have to change a fundamental rule, which is that no country should have more than four clubs in the Champions League.

“There have been a number of proposals.

“We can’t say yes to Liverpool if it means damaging another club, so if Liverpool are to be admitted we have to work hard to find a way in which this can happen.”