Uefa has confirmed it is investigating incidents at the end of Chelsea’s Champions League win over Barcelona.

Samuel Eto’o claimed he was racially abused by a ground staff member at Stamford Bridge immediately after the 4-2 Chelsea win, although this charge has been denied by the club.

Eto’o alleged he was called a ‘monkey’ by a steward, who in turn accused the striker of spitting at him. In addition, Barcelona manager Frank Rijkaard and Brazilian Ronaldinho were involved in scuffles near the tunnel area.

“We’ve got the referee’s and delegates’ report,” said a Uefa spokesman.

Rijkaard was involved in a touchline confrontation with Chelsea scout Andre Villas immediately after the final whistle. According to onlookers, Villas banged on the side of the perspex players’ tunnel. The gesture angered Frank Rijkaard who attempted to confront the Blues official only for stewards to hold the Barca boss back.Several players including Eto’o and Ronaldinho became involved in the ensuing melee.