Uefa has warned that it may ban clubs from their competitions if their fans are found guilty of racist behaviour.

Several Spanish clubs have been fined this season after their supporters racially abused players, but Uefa has warned that they have the right to exclude clubs if the problem persists.

“There is no limit to the actions that we will take,” said Uefa spokesman William Gaillard.

“We are ready to exclude a team from our Uefa run competitions if we have repeat offenders.

“We have to tell people that it is not acceptable and will not be tolerated – end of story,” added Gaillard.

“In some cases it is fine to use the carrot but if the stick is not behind it the carrot is not enough.”

Gaillard believes that Spain, which has arguably been the worst culprit in recent months, is gradually coming to terms with the problem.

“I think the Spanish FA is gradually becoming aware that there is a problem and it has to be tackled seriously,” he said.

“I think there was probably a consciousness gap. I think football has been targeted by small extremist groups in Spain and some organisational measures are needed.

“Clubs have realised they are going to be penalised – not only will they be fined but they could lose points or their grounds could be banned.

“That is the cost they are going to have to bear for the behaviour of a small minority which with a little bit of courage they could isolate and get rid of quite easily.”