UEFA has backed ten-point plan of action proposed by Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network to combat racism in football.

UEFA President Lennart Johansson and Chief Executive Gerhard Aigner have written to the European football community asking them to implement the FARE recommendations.

“The problem of racism is a real issue for the European football family and for the image of football in general,” said Mr Johansson and Mr Aigner in their message.

“Of course racism at our games is a sad reflection of society in general, but, because of the high-profile nature of football on our continent, we have a particular responsibility to take steps to stamp it out and prevent it occurring in the future.

“UEFA’s policy of total opposition to all forms of racism and xenophobia has been known for some time, and we continue to urge all member associations, leagues and clubs to develop their own initiatives to raise awareness and oppose racism at a national and local level.”

‘Of course no one organisation can solve this problem. Everyone involved, including the clubs, fans, players, police and those responsible for stewarding, has a responsibility here,” said the UEFA President and CEO.

“Racism is a problem for all of us, which must be faced. We hope that all parts of European football can come together to unite against racism and do all we can to eradicate it from our game both on and off the field.’

The ten-point plan in full:
• Issue a statement saying the club will not tolerate racism, spelling out the action it will take against those engaged in racist chanting. The statement should be printed in all match programmes and displayed permanently and prominentlyaround the ground.
• Make public address announcements condemning racist chanting at matches.
• Make it a condition for season-ticket holders that they do not take part in racist abuse.
• Take action to prevent the sale of racist literature inside and around the ground.
• Take disciplinary action against players who engage in racial abuse.
• Contact other clubs to make sure they understand the club’s policy on racism.
• Encourage a common strategy between stewards and police for dealing with racist abuse.
• Remove all racist graffiti from the ground as a matter of urgency.
• Adopt an equal opportunities’ policy in relation to employment and service provision.
• Work with all other groups and agencies, such as the players union, supporters, schools, voluntary organisations, youth clubs, sponsors, local authorities, local businesses and police, to develop pro-active programmes and make progress to raise awareness of campaigning to eliminate racial abuse and discrimination.