UEFA have launched an apppeal against last week’s decision by the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Committee to fine Dutch club PSV Eindhoven for the behaviour of their fans during last month’s Champions League match against Arsenal.

.PSV were fined _20,500 for after their fans racially abused and hurled missiles at Arsenal striker Thierry Henry. However, UEFA have the right to appeal against a decision by the independent body if they feel the case deserves further exammination.

Last Friday, a UEFA stated: “The UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body pointed out that Arsenal FC did not complain, nor did they submit a statement or any evidence of the alleged racist behaviour of the Dutch supporters..

“The Body also took into account the video evidence clearly showing that only a very small minority of individuals insulted the Arsenal FC player when reaching a decision.”

However, UEFA chieef executive Gerard Mr Aigner responded: “The Control and Disciplinary Body has to be allowed to look at each case referred to it and make a decision on the available evidence. However, if there is reason to believe that the verdict is not wholly appropriate, or that further evidence needs examination, then I can intervene.” Written evidence

“In this instance,” added Aigner. “I will now appoint a disciplinary inspector to prepare for the appeal hearing and we would ask that allthe parties concerned provide written evidence – statements to the media are not enough. We need hard evidence to move forward, not just public declarations.’

“Whatever the outcome of the appeal process in this particular case, UEFA is determined to do all that we can to combat racism in European football. To succeed, a partnership is needed with commitment from everyone involved in the game on our continent. There are no simple solutions, but we all have a responsibility to act and to set the ground rules for the future.”

The move is another sign of UEFA’s continuing battle to stamp out racism at matches in Europe. Last week, they agreed to a 10 point plan to combat racism, proposed by the FARE network.

Meanwhile, Yugoslavia’sFK Sartid have appealed against a _17,000 fine handed down by the Control and Disciplinary Body after their supporters were found guilty of abusing Ipswich Town’s black players at the UEFA Cup match on 3 October.