Milan will meet PSV Eindhoven in the Champions League semi-finals regardless of Uefa’s disciplinary meeting on Friday.

The Milan derby was halted on Tuesday when Inter supporters began throwing missiles onto the pitch. Milan were winning 1-0 on the night and 3-0 on aggregate.

Uefa has paired Milan with PSV on its own website, suggesting that Milan have been awarded their win.

Inter could be fined or kicked out of the competition due to the trouble which saw Milan keeper Dida struck by a flare thrown by home supporters.

Uefa spokesman William Gaillard said: “The disciplinary body have the full range of sanctions at their disposal.

“There have been shocking incidents recently but this is the worst.”

Gaillard added: “We must make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

On Wednesday, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who also owns Milan said: “There is a clear risk of even more serious incidents in future, a risk which must be avoided by all possible means.”

Inter president Giacinto Facchetti issued an apology for the behavious of the supporters.

“We feel great remorse and sadness at the serious and disgraceful incident that occurred last night,” said Facchetti.

“There were 83,000 people at the San Siro and we couldn’t control all of them.

“I am disappointed because of the damage that this incident will have, not only in the sporting sense but also to the image of the club.

“We have worked hard in recent years to make clear the importance of sporting values in order to achieve our objectives on the pitch.”