UEFA has approved the creation of a fund to support its’ anti-racism activities as part of its’ ongoing campaign against racism in football.

The campaign to combat racism was discussed at a UEFA Executive Committee meeting in Copenhagen, with the organisation agreeing to donate €1.7m to help fund initiatives undertaken in the 2002/03 season.

UEFA President Lennart Johansson said: “We have agreed to create a new fund to support anti-racism campaigns among our members.”

Each association will receive up to €34,178 to cover 50 per cent of the budget of its’ anti-racism activities for the next 12 months.

Member nations will submit proposals for UEFA approval prior to receiving support. In addition, money from fines imposed on clubs and players by UEFA’s disciplinary body will go directly into the fund.

UEFA recently issued a ten-point plan, listing measures which could be taken to stamp out racism and Johansson was keen for member assoctiations to opaty more than the lip service too the proposals.

“It’s not enough to send out a paper – you have to follow it up,” said Mr Johansson.

“We call on all of the member associations, leagues and clubs of Europe to take steps to implement the action plan.”