Uefa are considering introducing a rule whereby clubs participating in European competitions would be compelled to declare their support for the sport’s administrators or face exclusion from the competition.

The proposal is seen as a way of dealing with the threat of the G14 group comprising many of Europe’s leading clubs.

“One action we could take when inviting clubs into UEFA competitions would be to make the invitations conditional upon those clubs agreeing on the principal of our sporting structures,” UEFA CEO Lars-Christer Olsson stated.

Olsson said it would be up to the associations to ensure that teams signed these documents “without reservations”.

Thomas Kurth, general-secretary of G14, said: “We will be discussing this with our member clubs.”

Earlier, the 52 national associations had unanimously approved a resolution defending the sport’s interests in the face of challenges from the G14 group.

“Football is about fairness, opportunity, excitement and variety,” stated the resolution, which was brought to the Congress by UEFA’s Executive Committee.

“It is not a closed shop, where only the richest and most powerful are invited to the table.”

The UEFA resolution continued: “The self-appointed group of clubs are not interested in protecting competition, but only interested in protecting themselves and their economic interests and in dictating their conditions on others.”

G14 wants clubs to be compensated if players are injured playing for their countries. It also wants representation within UEFA and more cash from the game’s major tournaments.

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