UEFA have warned clubs, players and national associations they run the risk of being expelled from the game if they are found guilty of racism.

The warning came at the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday where MEPs are being asked to back a bid by UEFA to deal with racism within the game.

“Clubs, players and associations who are found guilty will be punished severely and will be thrown out of the game if necessary,” UEFA vice-president Per Ravn Omdal told Reuters.

Omdal will join five members of the European Parliament and former Chelsea defender Paul Elliot later in encouraging MEPs to sign a written declaration on racism in football, which if backed by half the parliament, will become law.

UEFA wants to give referees more authority to deal with incidents.

“Referees will be given the necessary power to abandon or cancel matches if necessary,” Omdal said.

“We need referees and match officials to be tough on this issue. If they have been asleep then they need to wake up.”

The latest initiative comes just days after Messina’s Zoro was reduced to tears after being subjected to racist chants by travelling Inter fans.

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