Players making racist remarks could be banned for up to five matches, according to new UEFA disciplinary regulations.

According to the UEFA website: “The regulations provide for a five-match suspension, or a ban of a specified period, for anyone who insults the human dignity of a person or group of persons, by whatever means, including grounds of colour, race, religion or ethnic origin.”

In addition, any club whose supporters engage in racist or discriminatory conduct will receive a minimum fine of €19,000.

UEFA also said it can impose additional punishments, such as forcing teams to play in an empty stadium, closing grounds, awarding matches by default, deducting points and disqualification from competitions.

UEFA also states that players who simulate fouls or injuries to dupe the referee into making an incorrect decision will face a maximum two-match suspension.

Also, if a team has five players or more shown yellow cards in the same game, then it can be punished under new “improper conduct of a team” regulations.