Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said his team are ready to take advantage of any slips Chelsea may make in the title run-in.

United lie eight points behind Chelsea after Tuesday’s 4-2 win at Arsenal, but Ferguson is not giving up hope of closing the gap.

“Football is a game no-one can predict. I am still waiting for the contrary nature of the game to throw everything up in the air,” he said.

“Put it this way, if they start making mistakes, we will be ready.”

But Ferguson admitted that Chelsea were still in the driving seat.

“We can win every game and not win the title, it’s as simple as that, because [Chelsea] need 11 wins from 14,” he said.

“It’s a great position they’re in. I think the most important thing is we showed we’re in great form ourselves and in that form we must have a chance if they slip up. But they’ve got to slip up.”

Ferguson admitted his side’s win ended Arsenal’s hopes of retaining the Premiership title.

“Both managers said before whoever lost was out of the title race,” he addded.

“Having gone behind twice, it shows the measure of our character.

“We had the mental strength and on the night we were fantastic in terms of character and will to win, and we played some fantastic football.”