Real Madrid sporting director Jorge Valdano is stepping down from his post to allow Florentino Perez to plan for the future.

“I think that it was important to take this decision and move to one side after four years of very intense activity inside the club,” Valdano told Real Madrid Television.

“It will allow the president, who will soon be beginning a new four-year cycle in charge of the club, to have the freedom to take his own decisions. It seems the healthiest thing to do at the moment.”

Valdanosaid his resignation would take effect from June 11, the day on which Perez has called an Extraordinary General Meeting of the club’s members.

Valdano said the timing of his departure, coming as it does just days after the appointment of Hecto Camcho as the new Madrid coach, was purely coincidental.

“I don’t want to link my resignation with his (Camacho’s) arrival,’ he said. ‘On the contrary, I am very sad to be leaving at this time because I am not going to be able to share this adventure with a friend.”

Valdano said he was proud of the work he had done over the past four years, during which the team has won two European Cups and two league titles, but admitted that the team’s imposion in the closing weeks of the season, had taken its toll.

“I am happy with the club’s achievements over the past four years and feel that I have been very loyal both to the person that brought me here and to Real Madrid,” he added.

“But these last two months have taken their toll on me and I believe that people should assume their responsibilities and that is one off the reasons why I took this decision.”