Valencia President Jaime Ortí has announced his standing down from the position after 3 years at the helm.

By Alex Hough

Those 3 years have been the most successful in his club’s history, during which the side won 2 championships and the UEFA Cup. Ortí stated that he was standing down for personal reasons, rather than due to a lack of support from the directors.

He admitted that his decision was “the fruit of reflection over the last few days”, and that he was “happy to have chosen the moment of his departure, and for all that the club has enjoyed in the meanwhile.”

Ortí said in a press conference: “I feel proud and happy at my decision. When you take such an important one as this, you look back and see if you can feel satisfied. I’m happy for the opportunity that this position has given me. I’m leaving, but it isn’t for a lack of support from my
colleagues but for my own decision.”

The former chief revealed that he had met with new club president, Juan Soler before officially departing, and that they planned the announcement for several hours.

Orti insisted that he, together with the rest of the board
had “achieved important successes, and that Valencia is the important club that we all desired.”

He ended by saying: “Here ends the cycle of Jaime Ortí and begins that of the new president who is Juan Soler.”