Barcelona coach Louis Van Gaal has hit back at the club’s former striker Rivaldo, after the Brazilian questioned his coaching ability.

Rivaldo recently claimed that he had benefited from working with all his coaches, with the sole exception of Van Gaal.

“He obtained all his successes with me as trainer at Barcelona,” said Van Gaal.

The pair never got on, even when under Van Gaal, Rivaldo was named World Player of the Year.

“It was not before orafter I joined Barca that he won the World Player Of the Year award – it was when I was there.

“I can accept criticism and learn from it but it mustn’t be criticism for the sake of being negative or getting personal.”

Upon Van Gaal’s return to the Nou Camp in the summer, Rivaldo made it known that he would not be staying at the club. The Brazilian recently completed a move to Milan after Barcellona agreed to waive a fee for him.