Juan Sebastian Veron has criticised the way Inter have handeld Adriano’s late return from international duty, suggesting that the club had employed double standards.

Brazilian striker Adriano was given permission to late after missing his flight back to Italy.

The decision meant Adriano missed Sunday’s victory over Livorno, with Inter insisting there was no problem.

But Veron believes the club’s rules have been manipulated to favour Adriano and is concerned that such a move may have an adverse affect of team morale.

“Certain situations bothered me,” Veron told Italia 1. “Here, there is someone who doesn’t respect the team and the group.

“It’s difficult working if we build up problems, without giving us clear rules.

“The group needed certain players, because Livorno is like Juve, but these players weren’t there and I’m really angry.

“Until there are the right rules, and things are done seriously, it won’t be possible to build something important.”

Inter supremo Massimo Moratti replied to the criticism, claiming Adrian had adhered to the club’s rules.

“Let’s consider the thing for what it is. We must do things that will work,” said Moratti.

“In this instance, things didn’t go in a good way due to delays but this doesn’t provoke problems.

“The player asked for, and had, a day’s permission and then he has been the victim of flight delays that haven’t allowed him to come back.

“There have been really more grave situations. Will he be fined? No, he had permission.”