Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira has admitted that his team were not good enough defensively against Bayern Munich.

Poor defending contributed to Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat to Bayern Munich in Tuesday’s Champions League tie between the teams.

“It is frustrating,” Vieira said. “We concede too many goals and we need to work on that as a team.

“We don’t blame anyone for the way we concede, but of course, we need to defend better.

“Sol Campbell did not play and Ashley Cole was not feeling well, and so of course, you miss such players. They are big players with a lot of experience.

“I don’t think you should blame Pascal [Cygan] or Kolo [Toure] for what happened.

“It is about the team and as a team, we need to defend better.

“It’s frustrating because Bayern are not better than us. But we didn’t play with our usual freedom.”