Internazionale striker Christian Vieri has denied making racist remarks at Newcastle striker Tresor Lomano Lua Lua.

Newcastle lodged a formal complaint following Tuesday night’s Champions League match between the clubs.

Lua Lua alleges that Vieri called him a ‘black bastard’ as the players clashed over the award of a free-kick near the end of the game.

“I absolutely deny having said a racist word,” he told Inter’s website.

“It was a turbulent period, but I did not say a racist word.

“I’ve tried only to move away the opponent, who in that incident also received a yellow card, telling him to stand back.

“I can say that thistrouble emerged only after the match. On the pitch Lua Lua said nothing and he made no sort of reaction.”

Meanwhile, UEFA are awaiting the referees report before deciding whether to investigate claims of racist chanting by Inter supporters.