Villarreal’s technical director Francisco ‘Paquito’ Garcia Gomez has been named as the club’s caretaker coach after the sacking of Victor Munoz earlier this week.

‘We are negotiating with a number of people and we may even appoint a new coach before out next league match, but Paquito will be in charge in a caretaker capacity for the time being,’ Villareal president Fernando Roig announced on the club’s official website.

Munoz was sacked after the club’s 2-1 Kings Cup defeat at third division Hercules on Tuesday.

‘Villarreal are a team that are easily affected by criticism,’ said Roig. ‘This is a warning to our fans, because I think Victor (Munoz) has been criticised unfairly for some time.

‘I tried to hold out because I believed in Victor as a coach, but the pressure affected all of us especially after the deplorable image we gave in the Hercules game.’