Berti Vogts has been told that his job as Scotland manager is safe for the time being.

Wednesday’s 1-1 draw with Moldova means Scotland have little hope of qualifying for the 2006 World Cup finals. But Scottish Football Association chief executive David Taylor has insisted the SFA has no plans to sack

“We’re not in the market to be looking for a manager,” Taylor told BBC Radio 4.

“Change for change’s sake is never a great policy. Any change is on the basis that someone new would get more out of the resources at our disposal.”

Th result in Moldova prompted the travlling supporters to call for Vogts removal, but Taylor defender Vogts.

Taylor added: “The resources in terms of the depth of the squad we have available at the moment are very limited.

“It’s a difficult job as not only Berti will tell you, but others that are involved in football managerment.”

Taylor added: “We are three games into 10 and very few teams are knocked out after three games and we haven’t been, but it would take some very, very good results to pull back from this position.

“It is arithmetically possible but to start with two draws, and one of them against Moldova, and the other match being a defeat, it leaves us behind our competitors.

“It is obviously much more difficult now but it is not impossible. Three matches in, it was not the start we were looking for.

“It was not the start the manager was looking for. The manager is as disappointed as anyone else.”