Scotland manager Berti Vogts has denied he will quit after the 4-0 thrashing at the hands of Wales in Cardiff.

Vogts has spent the bulk of his two-year tenure fending off criticism from the Scottish media, but he insists he will bot be standing down in the wake of this latest setback.

“I have a contract to 2006. I am not here for only one or two years. It is a long-term thing,” said Vogts.

“There are a lot of young players with potential and that is important but the result and the performance were bad, I know that.

“Maybe it would be easier to go home but I am not going to. I am disappointed and I understand the Tartan Army are very disappointed.

“The two goals in the first half killed us. There were a lot of problems with the defending organisation.

‘The first two goals came after a counter-attack. Mistakes are not allowed in international football.

“I have to change that, especially in the defending.

“After the two goals the confidence was gone. I have a very young team and in international football if you make one mistake it is a goal. That was the problem.”