Wales are to appeal against UEFA’s decision not to throw Russia out of the EURO 2004 finals in Portugal.

The Football Association of Wales are livid that UEFA failed to overturn the result of their play-off clash with Russia following Igor Titov’s failed drugs test.

Wales’ original complaint was dismissed by UEFA’s disciplinary committee, but the FAW believe the case is worth pursuing.

“UEFA had the opportunity to make a stand against drug taking in our sport, and they have failed to do so,” said Wales manager Hughes.

“I will be part of the team that goes to the hearing and will address the committee myself.”

Titov has been banned for 12 months and fined after testing positive for anti-fatigue drug bromantan.

Hughes added: “We intend to take this all the way, and if we fail this time we will consider going to the European sports arbitration body.

“Why should we not do this? Anybody else would do the same. For too long we have maybe felt that we are only Wales so what we say will not make a difference.

“But that is not the case now, we have made people sit up and take notice on the pitch and now we aim to do the same off it as well.

“Logistics of ticket sales, hotels booked, draws made, should not come into it.

“Yugoslavia dropped out in ’92 and Denmark came off the beach to win the tournament and just took over their fixtures, so there is no need for a re-draw.

“I hope these things did not come into the thinking of the panel. This is a moral issue.

“Something has happened to effect the outcome of a game, so whatever the consequences the right decision should be made.”