Wales have lost a second appeal against UEFA’s decision not to throw Russia out of EURO 2004 finals in Portugal.

Wales were appealing Russia’s play-off win because of Igor Titov’s failed drug test. Titov tested positive after the first leg 0-0 draw in Moscow, and played in Russia’s 1-0 second-leg win in Cardiff.

Wales argued that Titov was ineligible for that match and the result should be declared a 3-0 win to Wales. Such an outcome would have seen Wales replace Russia in this summer’ finals.

“The Appeals Body based its decision in particular on the failure by the Welsh FA to present evidence of any implication of the Football Union of Russia in the alleged doping infringement, the occurrence of which was not established,” said UEFA in a statement.

“Furthermore, the Appeals Body mentioned that the relevant UEFA regulations do not provide for a provision under which a team may be punished in the event of one of its players being tested positive,”

Titov had tested positive for banned stimulant bromantan after the first game, in which he was an un-used substitute. He was banned for a year and fined, along with his club Spartak Moscow, but the Football Union of Russia (FUR) escaped any punishment.