Construction firm Multiplex said that they were only 70-percent sure of completing Wembley Stadium in time for the FA Cup Final in May.

Addressing a press briefing, Martin Tidd, the UK managing director of Multiplex, said that the subcontractors were “fully committed to substantial completion by March 31”.

“I need to restate there are residual risks that remain in terms of the stadium being able to hold the FA Cup Final in May.”

Those risks involved the performance of subcontractors, design changes, relations with trade unions and the weather, Tidd said.

“My view would be a 70-percent chance of completion for the cup final,” he added.

The Australian group had warned back in December of that the new showpiece stadium might not be finished on time.

Tidd admitted that the current situation was a “deterioration from what we said in December”.

The £757m redevelopment of one of the sport’s most enduring shrines, has been plagued by delays and rising costs since its inception.

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