Arsene Wenger has accused the French Football Federation of exploting a human tragedy as a way of forcing clubs to release players.

The Arsenal manager will allow Thierry Henry play for France in a friendly against Costa Rica in Martinique in aid of air-crash victims.

Wenger said: “It’s easy to practice humanity with other people’s money.

“I’d like to see everyone in the FFF put their hand in their pocket, we’d soon see the outcome.”

Henry has only just returned from a lengthy injury lay-off caused by a groin injury sustained while he was playing for France.

The friendly on the Caribbean island comes three days before France play Germany at the Stade de France.

“It’s absolutely scandalous, the FFF does whatever it wants as usual, but I expected nothing better,” said Wenger.

“The clubs must be disgusted, you should see the state of the players when we get them back after an international.”

Henry said: “It would be an immense pleasure to play in Martinique, I can’t see myself missing this match.

“I’ve already been asked enough times why France has never played in the Caribbean.”