Arsene Wenger is angry with Uefa’s decision to change the rules regarding homegrown players.

UEFA wants to introduce a rule whereby clubs field at least eight ‘homegrown’ players in their 25-man European squads by 2008, but Wenger opposes the proposals.

“I feel, yes, there will be a challenge [to it],” he stated.

“It’s a very bad rule; a rule without thought and with negative effects, especially on the market of young players.

“The clubs will be out to buy very young players for high money, just to make them homegrown players.

“It will be a prize for mediocrity; quality will not be dominant but more where you come from.

“I think it’s very important you feel you are the best when looking in the mirror, not because you were born in the right country.

“You will keep 35-year-olds, give them contracts just because they are homegrown to keep up the numbers.

“The best players play and that is the only thing that is good for the game.

“What is the difference between Arsenal’s financial potential and ten other teams in the league? None.

“Chelsea will buy the young players for less money. It will be worse as they can create academies all over the world and take the best players in every country and then take them back here.

“It is an artificial rule. The perverse effects of this rule are not in the spirit of the top level of competition and the education [process]. It is just a narrow look at how we can protect the national teams in completely the wrong way.

“Arsenal cannot challenge it. Only the English Premier League can accept or not accept.

“Uefa want this for European competitions and then it’s down to every country to go with the rule or not.

“It could happen that the rule only exists in the European Cup.”