Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has labelled rivals Chelsea arrogant for the way in which they openly conducted negotiations with Gunners fulll-back Ashely Cole.

Wener was referring to an alleged meeting which took place at the Royal Park Hotel in central London between Cole and representatives from Chelsea including Blues boss Joe Mourinho.

“Frankly I am amazed this could happen in a hotel in the centre of London,” said thge ASrsenal manager.

“Why not do it in the middle of the M25 and then at least everybody knows!

“They seem to think they are above everything. It is arrogance when you think you are above everything and just do whatever you want.

“The responsibility for all this is with the agent and the other club.”

The meeting is at the heart of an FA Premier League inquiry into an allegation that Chelsea made an illegal approach to Cole.

Cole’s agent Jonathan Barnett has denied he or the player met Mourinho and Blues chief executive Peter Kenyon.