Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has described his team’s record 43-match unbeaten league run as “amazing”.

Wenger was speaking after Arsenal’s 3-0 win over Blackburn, a result which extended the club’s unbeaten run to 43 matches, to eclipse the previous longest unbeaten run set by Nottingham Forest in 1977-78.

“I think it’s something amazing, to look at the number of goals we scored in the 43 games and the number of victories we have had,” said Wenger.

“The quality of football was good, and in the modern game it’s amazing.

“If you change a fraction of the attitude or the players’ form, it can become difficult to win. We have to show we’re intelligent and humble.”

Wenger added: “Don’t wait until it doesn’t work to become rigorous again.

“When it goes well, be vigilant and rigorous. If you think we can become easy, it will change quickly.

“At this moment in time we have to show that we are intelligent people and be more demanding from each other.

“We want to improve and this record shows that we have become better from season to season, in the last three seasons we have made a step forward again compared to the first four seasons.”