Arsene Wenger says Arsenal do not intend to sit back and defend in the second leg of their Champions League quarter final tie against Juventus.

Arsenal hold a 2-0 lead from the first leg, but Wenger declared: “We have to attack and try to win the game.

“We will try to defend well, of course, but we have to fix our targets to play well and try to win.

“The players know we have to make sure of the small things – the focus, defence, helping each other out.”

Arsenal have concerns over the fitness of Cesc Fabregas and Emmanuel Eboue, and skipper Thierry Henry warned his teammates that they will have a battle on their hands if they wish to reach the last four.

“Football can always reserve you some surprises – and you always have to stay cool and calm,” the striker said.

“Juventus at home are a completely different proposition to the team we played at Highbury and they will do everything to make it as difficult as possible for us. Our players need to know that.

“This will be the most difficult game of our Champions League campaign this season and what we have done so far will be irrelevant if we do not reach the semi-finals.

“But our greatest motivation is that we know that everything is possible if we play as we did in the home game.

“It was a victory for togetherness, a great example of 11 players becoming a team.”

Meanwhile, Juventus captain Lilian Thuram says his players are confident of reaching the semi-finals.

“In Turin the match will be different because we will be in control. We will attack like a hurricane and cause their defence many problems

“Player by player Juve are superior to Arsenal and it will not be a surprise if we were to get three or four goals.

“The first match was a disaster for us in every way. The real Juventus did not turn up in London and it was a huge blow for us.

“Now the whole world will see what the real Juventus is all about. We are focused and want to score a lot of goals. We are out for revenge for the humiliation we suffered.”

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